Prof.(Dr.) Ujjwala Barve

Dear Students,
          Welcome to the Faculty of Modern Sciences & Professional Skills which was introduced at the very right time, when new technology and new skills had started emerging, new fields of knowledge were opening and horizons of professional activities were getting expanded!

          You will be delighted to have an opportunity to study in our pleasant academic campus, where we have maintained a certain standard of teaching coupled with State of Art Laboratories and Infrastructure facilities. This will definetly ensure that the students get a right blend of theoretical as well as practical knowledge which is very much essential for facing today's professional challenges.

          We, at our campus, provide individualized attention to students in order to enhance their ability to acquire and synthesize the knowledge in their chosen field of study. This environment prepares their analytical mindset that leads to creativity, which is the soul of Professional Education.

          We, at TMV have an encouraging environment known for its high level of discipline along with various extra-curricular activities. We are committed to provide the students with ample opportunities for expression of their inner literary and artistic talents as well, which would enable them to achieve their professional goals and also contribute constructively in their workplace and communities.

          In order to ensure the above, the tools of teaching and continuous assessment are employed that help to increase the students' potential and enduring capacity. Accordingly, measures are taken to keep the students busy right from day one throughout the course in academically a very healthy environment.

          We hope this will make the student's journey academically fulfilling, disciplined and enjoyable.

We wish all the students a very bright and successful educational career!

Prof.(Dr.) Ujjwala Barve
Dean,Faculty of Modern Sciences & Professional Skills

List Of Department Under Board of Modern Sciences & Professional Skills
Department of Computer Science Department of Mass Communication