Dr. Pranati Tilak
Dean, Board of Management Studies

Dear Students,

          I welcome you all to the world of TMV’s Management studies and compliment you on your interest in a management career. We have a plethora of exciting academic programs that are carefully designed and aim at providing the required knowledge, attitude and skill base to put students in a fast track career. The quality courseware and Self Learning study material, dedicated team of faculty members, industry experts, innovative & practical oriented approach makes learning a fascinating experience helping students develop right set of expertise to stand out as the best in the highly competitive business environment.

          In this ever changing global scenario, and integration of global economies that has thrown open new challenges and opportunities, keeping all this in mind, we are focused on developing management professionals through our various management programs like BBA, MBA, Mphil & PhD.

          We have taken proactive steps to adapt our curriculum to the changing dynamics, both in the industry and service sectors. Our curriculum teaches them to anticipate the impact of a strategic decision across multiple functions of a business. Here the students master the art and science of collaborative leadership. They get to work with teams as diverse as one can find in any workplace today. When they pass out, they take with them the ability to make quick and correct decisions as well as leadership skill.

          We seek bright, energetic undergraduate’s and graduates that are eager to accept the challenges of an academically infusing, enriching, and completely fulfilling learning program that encourages students to think in new & creative ways in the global marketplace.

          Along with the national students it is an opportunity for the international students to understand the dynamics of Indian Business environment while soaking in the rich cultural offering that India has to offer. The life within the campus is idyllic and tranquil, fostering teamwork and making the learning a memorable experience. Students of TMV get the benefit of studying under outstanding professors, meet people from diverse backgrounds and participate in extracurricular activities. Apart from equipping them with managerial and entrepreneurial skills, students are given ample opportunities to explore experiment and imbibe good values. At the end of the management program, a TMV graduate develops a strong analytical mind, in-depth understanding of international business setting, respects cross cultural diversity making them the most sought after management graduates.

          It is quite heartening to welcome all those who have considered us as their preferred destination. Wish you all a very bright & prosperous future.

Dean, Board of Management Studies
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