Dr.Prashant Suru
Dean, Board Of Ayurveda Studies

Dean, Board of Ayurveda Studies

          Welcome to the faculty of Ayurveda! The late Vaidya PG Nanal Dept. of Ayurveda was established on 1st December 1988.
          Considering the needs of the society, the department of Ayurveda started with the course Dip. In Yoga & Ayurveda & then innovatively developed many courses such as Ph.D., MPhil, MSc in Nutrition and Food Science And PG Diploma in Yoga Therapy.
          Considering the contribution made by the Vidyapeeth since its inception in the field of Ayurveda, UGC made a provision of a special grant for the development of the Dept. of Ayurveda. A historical, monumental & gigantic research project namely Ayurvediya Triskandha Kosha was initiated in 1989 through this. After eighteen years of continuous efforts, it was completed in 2008. This work led to printed versions of Lakshana Kosha, Hetu Kosha & Aushadha Kosha and with the first of its kind Ayurvedic Diagnostic Software(Ayuta Nidan) and the Treatment Software (Ayuta Upachar).The major part of project was funded by ISM & H, CSIR .
          While working in Triskandha Kosha it was noticed that the texts on which entire ayurveda practice is based need to be critically edited again. Hence the project Critical edition of Charaka Nidan Sthana was undertaken in 2010. The project was funded by CCRAS and was completed in 2012.
          Besides this, the department is also having an Ayurvedic Out Patient Department with Panchakarma facilities, diet consultation and yoga therapy counselling.
          I am sure that you would be able to make the best use of the available faculties, facilities and value-added inputs.
          I would like to mention the views of Lokmanya Tilak regarding Education and Students, which will guide you in your journey towards excellence.

          Education has been considered as a powerful instrument of change. Good Education is as pious as River Ganga. It should be reachable to all who possess the requisite merit.
          Students should be knowledge seekers, should be promising, self confident and self-reliant.
          I wish you a great success and a bright future !

Dean, Board Of Ayurveda Studies

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