Dear Students,
           It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the Shri Balmukund Lohia Centre of Sanskrit & Indological Studies. The Sanskrit Department, the oldest in the Vidyapeeth has witnessed a steady growth over the last fifty years firmly establishing itself as a matured institution.

          This is the first department of the Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth. The Vidyapeeth started an independent Sanskrit College named 'Shri Balmukund Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya' on 2nd December 1948. On 24th April 1987 the Vidyapeeth got the status of "Deemed to be University" and there was a structural change in the administrative and academic set up of the Vidyapeeth. Degrees like Visharad and Parangat came to be considered as equivalent to the B.A. and M.A. degrees respectively of the other statutory universities. Besides, Vidyapeeth started Vidyavachaspati (Ph.D.) in Sanskrit and Indology which attract quite a number of students.

          The teachers, beside their research and teaching, have always strived for making Sanskrit, Indology and Japanese studies more accessible, attractive and useful to the students as well as common people. The devotion to their subjects is such that they do not hold back even on the pretext of weekly holidays i.e. Saturday and Sundays from teaching the respective courses. Students enrolled for various courses, indeed present a unique profile. They come from different walks of life, viz. housewives, doctors, engineers, lawyers, professionals, retired people and so on. Since there is no age limit, people who want to utilize their leisure for personal growth and find a unique opportunity to do so. They are usually found to be eager to learn more of the ancient literature, language, philosophy and ancient Indian culture. The ambience in the department is build to make the students feel at home. The syllabi of various courses were revised with a view to give emphasis on ancient Indian culture, philosophy and language.

          Methods and techniques that are used in the department for imparting knowledge present unique profile. Competitions, co-curricular activities are conducted. Seminars, workshops and special lectures are organized, which get overwhelming response. Moreover, frequent use of various visual aids and practical field training during the educational tours help the students to reinforce classrooms learning. Similarly, special guidance workshops for external students are also organized which are greatly appreciated by the students. On behalf of all the teaching and non-teaching staff I welcome you all and wish you to get success in all educational activities.

Dr. Manjusha Gokhale
Dean and HoD
S. B. L. Centre of Sanskrit and Indological Studies
Board of Arts and Fine Arts

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