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Department of Social Work - Bachelor of Social Work

Bachelor Of Social Work(BSW) • Bachelor of Social work (BSW) is a full time professional undergraduate social work program. BSw is three years program divided into 6 semesters. Social work imparts the education bases on values of social work and continuously applying this in the practice.

Vision Build a cadre of social work professionals with comprehensive perspective and who can be a cause for social change and inclusive growth of nation.

Mission 1 To impart skill based theoretical inputs to the deserving, to qualified, analytical and ethical development of professionals.
2 To initiate departmental field action efforts to contribute for social change and development as an educational institute of historical relevance.
3 To prepare social work professionals who can meet the challenges of addressing developmental issues of diverse stakeholders.

Prerequisite/Eligibility The applicants who have passed the Higher Secondary Examination (12th pass)with minimum aggregate marks of 50% (45% for reservation) from any recognized board are eligible to apply to the Bachelor's Degree programme. The candidates should produce all the relevant documents in original at the time of the admission preliminaries.

Objective 1. To develop ability to apply critical thinking skills within the context of professional social work practice with clients at all system levels.
2. To enhance the ability to effectively communicate verbally and in writing with diverse client population, colleagues and other systems.
3. To provide the student social worker a platform to use the historical roots of social work as a context, an acceptance of the legitimacy of efforts to change existing social institutions, systems, and policies of aiding individuals, families, groups and communities.
4. To enhance the ability to alleviate and prevent social problems and improve social conditions, by analyzing, formulating and influencing social policy.
5. To provide the student, social worker an opportunity to utilize research findings, conduct original research, evaluate practice and outcomes, analyze the impact of social policies and practices and contribute to the knowledge base of the social work profession.
6. To enhance the ability to advocate for justice, equality and an end to discriminatory policies and practices that impact at risk individuals, families, groups and communities.
7. To develop the ability to practice effectively within an organizational or service deliver system structure, and seek organizational change when necessary.

Field Work Curriculum BSW course is devoted to provide the students a holistic understanding of social work, socio-psychological issues, human needs and problems and the integration of these. Field work programme has been accordingly designed to provide them practical understanding of the social structure, problems and avenues for change and development.

Specific Field Work Objectives � To orient students with structural and functional components of social welfare agencies of various types through supervised orientation visits.
� Begin to use field-instruction for professional growth.
� Develop understanding and ability to analyze critically various problems and needs of the individuals, groups and communities.
� Develop process-oriented skills in work with individuals, families, groups and communities in relation to tasks.
� Learn to integrates theory with practice.
� Develop ability to analyze agency's structure and function, management processes, and make efforts to effect changes in the components of service delivery where gaps are located.
� Learn to utilize selectively all the methods of social work, that is an integrated approach to problem solving.
� Internalize professional values and ethics.
The fieldwork shall be of 15 hours per week (two working days) during course period of three years. for carrying out fieldwork activities, the following pattern shall be followed :
A. The students will be placed in different organizations by the Department for the semester.
B. The students will be expected to carry out field work for Two days in a week with atleast seven and a half (7.5) working hours per day.
C. Not more than THREE students would be placed in an agency / organization / institution for regular fieldwork.
D. A change in the placement will be brought about only if the Department finds it necessary keeping in mind the development of the said student. No requests for the same, will however be entertained from the students.
E. The nature of field work for BSw first year will be in the form of orientation visit. The placements will be general in nature for the BSw second and third year students.
F. 60% evaluation of the field work will be done by the agency supervisor by grading the performance; and vIvA-voCE (held at the end of each semester) and the remaining 40% by the Department on the basis of progress made through weekly guidance sessions and report-writing.
G. Relatives and parents are strictly prohibited from entering the field work agency or to meet the student in field work hours without permission of the Department of Social work.
H. In case the student is not able to successfully complete the Concurrent Fieldwork leading to failure in the course. The student has to repeat / Compensate the fieldwork leading to failure in the course. The student has to repeat / compensate the field work.
I. In case of Failure in the course of Summer / winter or Block Internship the student has to repeat the course in next year.

Medium Of Instruction The medium of instruction is Bilingual -that is English and Marathi. Discussion methods, with the use of creative media coupled with the field-based assignments, is approach adopted for information dissemination among the students.

Rural Camp A seven days camp in the tribal and / or rural setting is arranged at the end of first semester of BSw second year. It is aimed at helping the students to understand at one end, the tribal and rural communities and its needs and at the other end, themselves, in relation to the communities. They are provided with an opportunity to work with the people in a creative and constructive way in order to upgrade their experience and hence their personality. They are helped to recognize their social and civic responsibilities at the same time, developing their competence for group living and leadership with democratic attitude. During Camp groundwork for enhancing various skills and professional attitude is done. The students are accompanied by the faculty members from the Department. Planning and all other logistical issues are handled by the students in collaboration with the faculty members.

Research Project The students in their third year are expected to take up a Research Project, in order to practically experience the theoretical inputs on Research Methodology in Social work imparted in the second year. The students are expected to identify the theme and finalize the topic under the guidance of faculty members of the department. This individual effort involves preparation of research proposal, preparation of tools for data collection, actual data collection, analysis and interpretations by the students. At the end of the sixth semester, a bound report in the given format is supposed to be submitted. vIvA voCE is held for evaluation.

Block Placement The student of BSw III, after completion of final examination, will be placed in reputed social welfare organization in any part of the state / country. Such placement would be for a month and they have to work on purely voluntary basis without any financial commitment form either part. The students have to work on full time basis as per the work schedule to be developed by the organization. This sort of placement will help students together practical experience over modes of social welfare activities by engaging themselves in the work. This sort of placement will help students together practical experience over modes of social welfare activities by engaging themselves in the work. It will also expose students with variety of work practices adopted by organization of national importance. The students will get scope to broaden their outlook and vision on social work activities and intervention practices through getting exposed to work culture. A teaching faculty will be responsible for planning the voluntary Block Placement Programme.

Conference And Workshop The institute also arranges workshops or Conferences at the national and state levels. The students are encourages to attend professional meetings conducted by NGo's and Governmental organizations. Participation is mandatory for the said conferences, workshops & Meetings.

Student Develoment Program / Value added Program For the development of the students, the department conducts Students Development Program (SDP). Every week students have three hours value added skill lab. It envisages the total development of the personality of the students through various programmes, like debates, group discussions, group planning, group games, structured exercise, movie club etc. This programme would also include development of Academic English for Social workers, Personality development for social workers, and Computer application for social workers.

Credit Details
Academic Year Credit Marks
Ist 14 400
2nd 14 400
3rd 14 400
4th 14 400
5th 16 450
6th 16 450
88 2500

Fee Structure (In Rupees)
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Course Structure
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Academic Syallabus
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Course/Programme Outcome
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Opportunities at exit Point
The students of having successfully completed the Bachelor in Social work, have a plethora of opportunities ahead of them. As such the field of Social Work itself is extremely creative and at the starting point itself, freshers have the potential to explore avenues beyond the theoretical and field exposure provided in the duration of three years.
job opportunities :
� Social work has many job opportunities available in Governmental, Semi-governmental & Non-governmental sectors as well as in company CSR wing.
� Those who are interested in further studies and specializing in specific field can be opt MSW