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VisionBuild a cadre of social work professionals with comprehensive perspective and who can be a cause for social change and inclusive growth of nation.

• To impart skill based theoretical inputs to the deserving, to engender qualified, analytical and ethical development professionals.
• To initiate departmental field action efforts to contribute for social change and development as an educational institute of historical relevance.

• To prepare graduates and post graduates to enter the professional practice as trained and skilled social work practitioners with unbiased, balanced attitude.
• To enhance the understanding of the student-social-workers towards the basic human rights and duties of the populace that exists globally as well as locally.
• To enhance the ability of student-social-worker to identify various causal factors that can affect people and environments, as also to identify how these factors can potentially interact to produce social disorganization, stress and problems that affect individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities.
• To increase awareness, generate sensitivity towards, issues of gender, caste, class, age, ability, and religion; in our pluralistic society, in the attitude and the approach of the student-social-workers.
• To prepare the student-social-workers to use the social work knowledge, skills, values and ethics to enhance both the quality of life for the people whom they work with and the quality of such attempted efforts in the urban as well as in rural India.
• To provide the student-social-worker a platform to apply the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to continually and constant evaluation of the efficacy of their efforts as well as the initiatives carried out by the community based agencies; and to thus, contribute to the knowledge base of the profession.
• To provide the student-social-worker an opportunity to share the knowledge, skills, inculcate values and ethics essential for the effective engaging in the practice of social work at the micro as well as macro-levels, to advocate for systemic change and to work towards a setting that positively contributes to social and economic justice; as also questions the existing frameworks.

Introduction • In the year 2004-05, the Department of Social Work, the two years post graduation program, i.e MSW has been established in regular mode. Students are imparted knowledge about social work in these two years from the academic year 2006-07. Two specializations namely Family and Child Welfare (FCW) and Urban & Rural Community Development (URCD) are initiated. Hence the student can opt either of the specialization which involves concurrent field work and prepares a project report.

Board Of Studies
Composition Name of the member Tenure
(Chairperson) Dr.B.D.Kulkarni ,Dean 2 Yr.
Two Assistant Professors of the faculty of the department by rotation of seniority 1. Shri. Prakash Yadav
2. Smt Kartiki Subakade
2 Yrs.
Not more than 2 persons to be Co-opted for their expert knowledge including those belonging to the profession or industry concern Members -2 1. Smt Jayashree Chandekar
2. Dr. Lalita Vartak
2 Yrs.
I/C Registrar Dr. Abhijit Joshi 2 Yrs

ApprovalsNational Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)

Dean Address
Dr. B.D.Kulkarni.
Board of Social Work Studies

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Course Information 1.Features
• Integrated teaching and learning approach through emphasis on field work and theory sessions.
• Skill-enhancing and potential building efforts for student-social-workers through Skill lab and research lab, workshops, lecture-demonstrations, and advanced specialisation exposure visits organised on a regular basis.
• Additional vidyapeeth level exposure in community-based interventions. Energetic, enthusiastic, qualified faculty members with filed experience and research aptitude. 
• Campus placement in various civil society organisation and Corporate Social Responsibility sector.
2.Field Work
• As An Essential Component of Social Work education, Field Work is conducted in definite stages. All domains of field work is covered in this education. Sartting from Orientation Visit,Concurrant Field Work in all semester, Rural Education Camp after first semester, Summer palcement in Movement base Organisations after second semester,Specialization based Advance Orientation Visists, Block Field Work in Government organsiations and projects after third semester, Block Palcemt after fourth semester.

Specializations 1. Family and Child Welfare
2. Tribal, Rural, Urban Community Development