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Department of Social Work - Master of Social Work

Prerequisite/Eligibility • A Graduate from any stream, from any recognized University in India or abroad with not less than 55 percent marks (55%), is eligible to apply for admission to the Masters' of Social Work (MSW) degree course. Candidates must have studied under the 10 + 2 + 3 pattern.

Those satisfying the eligibility requirements will undergo a Written Test, Group Discussion and Personal Interview.

Admission Procedure
Before taking admission the candidate have to undergo a Written Test and Personal Interview. Entrance Exam –
1. Written Test – Multiple Choice Questions on
a) English Grammer
b) Social Work Aptitude
c) General Aptitude
d) General Knowledge
Minimum Passing – 50%
Duration of Exam – 1hour
2. Group Discussion
3. Personal Interview

Written Test
Paper Pattern (Objective) Marks
General Knowledge 40 Marks
Social Work Aptitude 10 Marks
General Aptitude 20 Marks
English Grammar 10 Marks
Total Marks 80 Marks
Minimum Passing 50%
Duration of Exam 1 hour
Group Discussion 10 Marks
Personal Interviews 10 Marks
Total Marks 100 Marks

Course Pattern Four Semesters (2 Years)

First Year

CP 1.1 Social Work Profession and Ideology
CP 1.2 Working with Individuals and Families
CP 1.3 Working with Groups
CP 1.4 Sociology and Indian Social Problems
CP 1.5 Human Growth and Behavior
CP 1.6 Field Work, including Viva-Voce
Elective Paper 1 Gender Perspective / Ethics
CP 2.1 Community Organisation and Social Action
CP 2.2 Social Work Research and Statistics
CP 2.3 Community Health and Healthcare System
Specialization Papers(FCW)
FC 2.1 Family Sociology and Working with Families
FC 2.2 Socialization of the Child and Child Welfare
Specialization Papers (URCD)
CD 2.1 Urban, Rural and Tribal Sociology
CD 2.2 Development Communication and Media
CP 2.6 Field Work, including Viva-Voce
Elective Paper 2 Leadership Development / Indology

Second Year

CP 3.1 Counseling : Theory and Practice
CP 3.2 Social Legislation and Legal System in India
Specialization Papers (FCW)
FC 3.1 Women Issues, Development and Empowerment
FC 3.2 Family Life Education and Population Education
FC 3.3 Youth Development
Specialization Papers (URCD)
CD 3.1 Governance and Community Development
CD 3.2 Economics in relation Tribal, Rural and Urban Communities
CD 3.3 Recent Trends in Community Development
CP 3.6 Field Work, including Viva-Voce
Elective Paper 3 Life Skill Education / Advanced English / Research Project
CP 4.1 Social Welfare Administration and Management
CP 4.2 Social Policy, Planning and Practices
Specialization Papers (FCW)
FC 4.1 Working with Special Groups
FC 4.2 Social Work in Industry and Human Resource Development
FC 4.3 Gerontology
Specialization Papers (URCD)
CD 4.1 Environmental Issues and Disaster Management
CD 4.2 Government and Voluntary Efforts for Rural & Urban Community Development
CD 4.3 Issues Related to Tribal Communities, Scheme and Welfare Programs
CP 4.6 Field Work, including Viva-Voce
CP 4.7 Research Project, including Viva-Voce
Elective Paper 4 Corporate Social Responsibility / Reaseach Project
Statastical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS)

Passing Criteria
Assessment Marks
External (Semester End Examination) 60
Internal (Class Assignment, Home Assignment, Library Assignment, Field Based Assignment, Attendance and Seminar Presentation) 40

Evaluation • Evaluation of the students is generally made in two parts- i. e. Internal and External. Proportion of Internal and External Assessment (Theory papers) is 50: 50. Separate passing in internal and external Assessment is essential. Total marks of each subject will be 100. The minimum passing marks in each individual head will be 50 % Theory/ Field work / Research Project-examination will be assessed by internal / external examiners

Internal Assessment
Credit Based Break-up of Internal Marks for Theory Papers Weight-age of Internal Marks
Class Assignments 05
Home Assignments 05
Library Assignments 05
Field Based Assignments 05
Seminar Presentation of Each Subject 10
Attendance 10
Total 40

Note 1. During the Second semester MSW 1st year students should participate in 8-10 days Residential Rural Camp, which will organized by the department at any Rural or Tribal village of Pune District.
2. At the end of Second semester MSW 1st year students should participate in one month Summer Placement Training Program (SPT), which will organized by the department at any organization in India.
3. During the Third Semester MSW 2nd year students should participate in 10-12 days study tour organized by the department in any state of India.
4. At the end of Fourth semester MSW II year students should participate in Block Placement Training (BPT) organized by the department in any organization in India.

External Assessment : Schedule of Examination: • At the end of every semester there will be a semester end exam. Passing norms based on External Evaluation of MSW Course:
• The examination evaluation pattern will be based on 50% external Assessment of a student.
• There will be a separate passing in External and Internal examination with criteria of minimum 50 % in each subject.
• Grade will allotted as per the total score of each semester, however the final grade for the degree will be awarded based on average grades of all four semester with average grade points.
• A student will be allowed to keep the term backlog for semester I provided he / she clears minimum three of the five compulsory subjects and one elective paper.
• A student will be allowed to keep the term (backlog of 2nd semester maximum of two subjects), and can be enrolled for the semester III. Only upon clearing of all the backlogs of semester I.

Grading System
Marks Grade Grade Point Description
80 & above O 10 Outstanding
70 - 80 A+ 9 Excellent
60 - 70 A 8 Very Good
55 - 60 B+ 7 Good
50 - 55 B 6 Above Average
Less than 40 or 50 F 3 Fail
Absent Ab 0 Absent

Results of the Vidyapeeth examination, i. e. semester end examinations will be declared within 45 days after the end of the examination.

Revaluation & Rechecking / Verification of Marks :
Students may apply for revaluation or rechecking of marks by paying the Revaluation fee (Backlog form fee Rs. 10 + 250 per subject) or rechecking fees (Rs. 10 + 100 per subject). Student should submit the rechecking / revaluation form within 15 days after the declaration of result.

Fee Structure (In Rupees)
For 2020-2021 Batch Fee Structure Click Here

Academic Plan
MSW Program Academic Calendar - 2018-19 Click here

Programme Outcome & Syllabus:
For Detail Programme Outcome & Syllabus Click Here

Job opportunities
*Non –governmental and funding organizations in India
*International bodies such as the sub-organizations of the UN such as ILO, WHO etc.
*Research organizations
*Monitoring and evaluations of Government projects.
*M.Phil, Ph.D
*Post Doctorate
* Opportunity in Academics with qualification of NET, SET
* Other avenues in industries, hospitals, Training and Human Resource Development organizations and Corporate Social Responsibility sector and so on
*Position of Class I and Class II post in Women and Child Development, Social Welfare Department, Tribal Development Department, Youth Development Ministry through Public Service Commission Examinations.

Student Placement
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