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• Imparting legal education where everyone owes his supreme secular loyalty to the nation.

• To provide student with a well rounded education.
• To prepare Lawyers to serve their clients, the justice system, and the public with a high level of accomplishment and a commitment to the highest ideals of the legal profession.
• To teach students about the law and to help them to develop the skills necessary to use that knowledge in practice.

• Producing competent professional lawyers by training students in skills such as analytical ability, legal writing, argumentative skills and skills for decision making.
• Preparing conscientious and competent members for legal profession.
• Advancing and disseminating the knowledge of law and legal process.
• Inculcating a sense of responsibility towards the society and respect for human life.
• Developing highest standards of professional behaviour and personal integrity.

• TMV’S Lokmanya Tilak Law College is one of the recently established Department at the Vidyapeeth. Presently Department provides the Three Year LL.B. and Five Year B.A.LL.B Course. The course is in accordance with the rules laid down by Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth and the Bar Council of India. The course consists of six semesters for Three Year LL.B and ten semesters for Five Year B.A. LL.B course. On the successful completion of this course, the student is eligible for the LL.B and B.A.LL.B. Degree awarded by the Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth.

Year of Establishment 2012

Board Of Studies
Composition Name of the member Tenure
Dean of Faculty /Head of the Department (Chairperson) Shri. Harshad Nimbalkar 3 Yrs.
Heads / Co-Ordinators of the Departments Dr. P. D. Joshi 2 Yrs.
Two Assistant Professors of the faculty of the department by rotation of seniority Asst. Prof. Kanchan Sapre
Asst. Prof. Ashwini Biradar
2 Yrs.
Not more than 2 persons to be Co-opted for their expert knowledge including those belonging to the profession or industry concern Members -2 Adv. Aniruddha Kulkarni
Adv. Sunita Bansal
2 Yrs.
Registrar 3 Yrs.

Approval (UGC, Council, State Government)
1. Approved by Bar Council of India vide Letter Dated 11th July 2013 for B.A.LL.B.Five Year.
2. Approved by Bar Council of India vide Letter Dated 29th July 2015 for B.A.LL.B.Five Year for the academic year 2O15-2O16.
3. Approved by Bar Council of India vide Letter Dated 18th October 2016 for B.A.LL.B.Five Year & LL.B. Three Year for the academic year 2O16-2O17.
4. Approved by Bar Council of India vide Letter Dated 12th October 2017 for B.A.LL.B.Five Year & LL.B. Three Year for the academic year 2O17-2O18.
5. Approved by Bar Council of India vide Letter Dated 18th July 2012 for B.A.LL.B.Five Year.
5. Approved by Bar Council of India vide Letter Dated 27th July 2015 for LL.B. Three Year.

Special Features
1. Qualified Teaching Staff
The Department has highly qualified teaching staff, who are always eager to strive for the success and well-being of the students.
Many eminent scholars and practicing Advocates will be available as visiting faculty, to impart their invaluable experience in the law field.

2. Motivational Workshop, Seminars and Field Visits
The practical training aspect of the students, curriculum is well taken care of through arrangement of visits to the District Courts, Family Courts, Consumer Forum, Prison etc.

3. Basic Infrastructure Inputs for Quality
• Well equipped physical infrastructure.
• Qualified Teaching Staff.
• Eco friendly environment.
• Library with networking.
• Spacious Computer Lab − Internet connectivity with Wi- Fi.
• Manupatra Online Cases.
• Sports Department.
• Gymkhana (Health Club).
• Hostel Facility for Girls and Boys.
• OPD of Ayurveda Dept.
4. Foreign Cell
Vidyapeeth provides a separate Cell for support and guidance to the foreign students seeking admission in Vidyapeeth. The Cell looks after registration, admission and eligibility procedure regarding foreign students. The Cell also conducts Orientation Programmers and various courses for foreign students. The Cell is always cage to help the foreign students and to resolve their grievances if any.

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