Registration Process

A school is awarded a centre if it has an enrolment of minimum 20 students. Students from schools that are not Examination Centers can appear as external students at the nearest divisional office of Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth. Schools with an enrolment of less than 20 students for all subjects together can be granted a centre but the university will not bear any expenses. They will have to pay the full amount.

How to start a centre at a school

1. If a school wishes to set up a centre it should submit a letter of application along with a list of its students. The school will then receive an approval letter which it must dispatch to the university along with students? list. The concerned school will be informed of its registration number along with the seat numbers of the students prior to the examination. The school will carry the same registration number for all the subsequent examinations. The application should contain the following details:
     i. Name of the school, complete address (At Post, Taluka and District, PIN Code, telephone number, mobile number and e-mail address)
     ii. Full name of the Principal/Director of the school
     iii. Total strength of the school, medium of instruction, primary/high school, mail facility, and regularity of mail delivery by post/courier
     iv. LAN Network facility for computers ( Applicable only to those centers who register for the SLCIT Examination.)
2. The school will carry the same registration number for the entire examination. The school should mention this number on the Students? List and all correspondence. It should also be mentioned at the back of the demand draft for examination fees.

How to prepare Students? Lists

The list of students appearing for various examinations should be prepared according to the following chart and sent along with the commensurate fees for the examination. The chart could be prepared in the MS Office Excel Sheet and a hard copy (Printed list) and a soft copy (CD) be sent as an attachment on the email address of the School Level Examination Section viz. OR We urge the schools to use the Internet for speedy communication. The students? list should contain the following information:
     i. Name of the School, complete address (At Post, Taluka and District, PIN Code, telephone number, mobile number, and e-mail address)
     ii. Name of the exam and code no.
     iii. Name of the subject
     iv. Centre No.
     v. Medium of instruction
     vi. Name of the Teacher (For use in felicitation as guides for top rankers) ( Separate names in case of more than one teacher as per every class)
     vii.Fees (Refer to the fee structure) Please provide a subject-wise & standard-wise list of the names of the teachers.
The list should be prepared in the following format:

Sr. No.
First Name
Father?s name
Computerized lists should be prepared in Marathi for the examinations in Marathi and Sanskrit. For other subjects they should be prepared in English in capital letters. The medium of instruction of the school should be specified clearly.


With a view to raising the remuneration for the teachers and the payment to the schools operating as centres together with the escalated cost of paper and printing and other administrative and educational expenses the fees for all the examinations have been raised from February 2013. We will appreciate your cooperation in lieu of the circumstances. Please note that the amount in column 2 of the fees chart is to be disbursed as remuneration for the teachers as also the centre for their expenses.

How to prepare the Fees Chart

From the year 2010-11 the Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth has devised a chart of the fee structure for easier calculation of total expenditure. The schools can save the mailing expenditure by contacting the divisional offices of the Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth. The chart of the total expenditure can be prepared in a consolidated format or according to individual subjects as per the convenience of the school. This chart should be sent along with the students? lists. Following is an example of the fees chart:
Name and address of the school, PIN Code, telephone number, mobile number, e-mail ID, name and code no. of the examination, centre no. and the name of the teacher.

Exam Code No.
No. of students x Fees
Total Amount
Total amount to be remitted to the University as per Column 3 of the Fees Chart = Rs. 7000
Name of the Bank: D.D. No. and Date:
                                                                                                                                                                                    Principal?s Signature and stamp

How to send fees

1. A demand draft for fees can be drawn on any nationalised bank in favor of the Registrar, Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune. This should be sent along with the Students? List.
2. The fees can also be remitted by money transfer from any local bank to the Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth a/c no. 16840100006111 with the UCO bank or a/c no. 20027052461 with the Bank of Maharashtra.In case of mail transfer the original receipt should be sent to the Shaleya Prasar Division while the school should retain its Xerox copy. The Students? lists will be accepted only when they are accompanied with the payment receipt. Money orders will not be accepted.
3. Students? lists and fees can also be submitted in person at the office of Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth from Monday to Friday between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. or between 1:30 p.m. and 4.30 p.m. The University office however should be informed prior to the visit.
During and after an examination
1. On receipt of the lists and fees the Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth/Divisional Office will send subject-wise lists of seat numbers of students, an Attendance Form and the necessary answer books, at least five days prior to the examination. It may please be noted that the question and answer books are one and the same. The students? lists will be sent in a separate envelope. The school should tally these lists with the original lists.
2. All the examinations should be conducted exactly as per the time table set by the Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth.
3. The students who remain present for the exam should be asked to sign against their names in the Attendance Forms. The Attendance Forms should be free from any erasures or overwriting. The list of students whose names have got omitted from the list and that of the students appearing extempore should be sent along with the answer books. This should be accompanied by examination fees and delay charges. These students should be allotted the last seat number in the list suffixed with A, B, C etc. For example, if the last number in a particular list is 101 and there are 3 extempore students they should be given the numbers 101A, 101B and 101C. Corrections in the original seat number lists should be made in the Attendance Form by drawing a red circle around the concerned letter/name/word or on a separate sheet with the seat number, the mistaken name and the corrected name. The examination certificates are issued on the basis of these names and as such the teachers should ensure the accuracy of the students? names.
4. The answer books and Attendance Forms should be submitted to the Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth/Divisional Office by mail/courier/in person on the next day itself. They should not be sent by the ST Parcel Service.
5. All queries and complaints regarding results should be registered with the Shaleya Prasar Division of the University within 2 months of the declaration of the results. All the answers books are written off before the commencement of the next examination.
6. Applications for revaluation should be submitted within 20 days from the date of the declaration of the results. They have to be forwarded through the Principal or the Centre Conductor. Revaluation fees of Rs.20 should be submitted along with the application. The fees for a duplicate certificate are Rs. 30.