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          The Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth conducts school level examinations in various subjects such as languages, science, mathematics and information technology. These examinations are conducted every year in the months of February and September. They aim at fortifying the basic knowledge and enhancing the academic performance of students from the 5th to the 10th Std. This is in keeping with the guideline of the Children?s Right to Education in that they carry out a consistent and comprehensive evaluation of the students. The preparation of these examinations helps children to better their performance in their school examinations. These examinations have found acceptance among students as well, since they supplement and fortify the prescribed school syllabus. Many students who have scored well at the S.S.C. Board Examination proudly attribute their success to the examinations conducted by the Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth. The University has thus been contributing substantially to the enrichment of these students through the means of these examinations.

          Along with the regular subjects the University has started conducting online examinations for SLCIT (School Level Course in Information Technology) and the FFCE (Foundation for Competitive Examination) on the lines of competitive examinations.

          In response to the demand of many schools the university will start conducting examinations in Hindi. Then again with a view to exposing students to foreign languages and to build a taste for foreign languages right from school life the university will start conducting an examination in Sub Junior Course in Japanese. It hopes to train the students in writing, reading and speaking the language right from childhood. The students should not miss this opportunity. Detailed information on this examination has been furnished later.


* Every year approximately 200,000 students from 2000 schools in and out of Maharashtra appear for the School Level Examination. Almost 60 examinations in various subjects of the syllabus from the 5th to 10th Std. are conducted in two semesters.
* The first two top rankers in every subject are awarded cash prizes and special certificates. All the successful students are awarded certificates. The teacher/guide of the top ranker in every subject is also awarded a special certificate.
* The expenses for conducting the examinations at the centers run by the schools are borne by the Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth. As such the schools incur no additional expenses for conducting the examinations.
* The Online examinations for SLCIT (School Level Course in Information Technology) and the FFCE (Foundation for Competitive Examination) on the lines of competitive examinations have been started with a view to expose the students to such examinations for professional courses
* Orientation programmes for teachers are conducted at the District and Taluka level so that the students from both the urban and rural areas can avail of the examinations.
* The Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth has set up Divisional Offices and branches at select outlets to facilitate easy accessibility.
* Examinations in Hindi and Japanese will commence from September 2013. The university can arrange for guidance lectures for Japanese on demand from the schools. A detailed information appears later in this booklet.
* It has been observed that many schools wish to include the subject of dance but cannot do so since the teachers? remuneration proves a major constraint. The university aims to help interested schools in procuring dance teachers for students who enroll for the examination in Dance. These teachers will be available for nominal remuneration.