English Subject Examinations

English (6 Examinations : Examination Code Nos. 21 to 26)

Pre-elementary, Elementary, Intermediate, Junior, Senior and Advanced Level examinations are conducted for students from the 5th to 10th Std. Generally the Pre-elementary has been designed for the 5th Std, the Elementary for the 6th Std and the Intermediate for the7th Std, the Junior for the 8th Std. and the Senior for the 9th and Advance for the 10th Std. The 100 mark Question paper is based on English grammar and vocabulary expected in the relevant class syllabus. The examination thus helps in the reinforcement of the basics of English language. The paper pattern of the Junior and Senior Examinations however is based on the revised paper pattern of the S.S.C. Board, Maharashtra. The University has prepared text books that prove helpful for the English grammar of 5th to 10th Std. They will help the student to overcome his confidence with regard to this language. They will enable him to learn English irrespective of the textbook.

English Conversation (3 Oral Examinations in all of 100 marks each: Exam Code Nos. 61 to 63)

The schools conduct these examinations and send the mark lists to the University.

English Writing Skill (2 Examinations in all: Code Nos.75 and 76)

The English Writing Skills Examination I have been designed for the 5th and 6th Std. while English Writing Skills Examination II has been designed for the 7th and 8th Std.
English Writing Skills I (Marks: 100, Time: 3 hrs.)
Word registers - similar words - opposite words ? completion of sentences - match appropriate phrases from two columns to make meaningful sentences - answer questions of general nature - write 10 sentences on a given picture- re-write the sentences in the proper sequence - tenses - use of proper punctuation marks - read the given paragraph and complete the diagram ? completion of the dialogue with the help of the given opening on a given topic. Note: Each question carries 5 marks.
English Writing Skills II (Marks: 100, Time: 3 hrs.)
Vocabulary/word based exercises ? complete, match and correct sentences- answer questions of general nature ? tenses ? use of proper punctuation marks- re-writing the sentences in the proper order ? constructing a paragraph with the help of the words provided- letter writing (formal and informal) - conversation/dialogue writing- reading the given paragraph and completing the tree diagram- constructing a paragraph on the given table-essay writing- report writing. Note: Each question carries 10 marks.

Fee Structure

Exam Code
Name of the Examination
Pre-Elementary (5th std.)
Elementary (6th std.)
Intermediate (7th std.)
Junior (8th std.)
Senior (9th std.)
Advance (10th std.)
English Conversation
First Oral exam (5th std.)
Second Oral exam (6th std.)
Third Oral exam (7th std.)
English Writing Skill
First (5th& 6th std.)
Second (5th& 6th std.)
Note: * Delay charges per student will be Rs. 15/- for the regular subjects and Rs. 30/- for Kathak and Bharatnatyam Examination.
          * All examinations except Kathak and Bharatnatyam will comprise of 100 marks