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B.A. in Game Art Design

Course Structure
To give a quality Education in Animation to animate traditionally and digitally Creative Design, Video Game Design, Web designing, VFX, Gaming & Multimedia. Encouraging young artistic minds that are familiar with 2D, 3DAnimation, VFX and Editing Nurtured through enriched learning and giving them a global exposure.


TMV BFA Digital arts animation is established with a Mission to bridge the skill gap of the vocational Education in various domains like Animation, VFX, and Media & Entertainment Services. The ultra modern facility at TMV BFA Digital arts animation Campus provides a holistic knowledge and training environment to aspiring students seeking careers in these fields.

Aims and Objectives

• To provide students a vast & deep practical exposure to the Game Industry.
• To help students become qualified game professional.
• To expertise students in 2D & 3d digital graphics, Game technologies & game design process.
• To make students successful individuals in the game development industry


We all love films and many of you must love to watch films like RA-One, DHOOM, ROBOT, Spiderman, X-men, Avengers, all loaded with visual or digital effects & animations. You must have wondered too sometime, ‘How do they make these kinds of movies?’ Well the answer to this question is in this course. Till now visual effects & animation courses have been about software’s only, for the first time in India, you will be learning a course which is focused on visual (also called SPECIAL/DIGITAL) effects & animation for film making& TV ads,. When we talk about film making, like all the above movies, you will learn the basics of creating VFX for films & Advertisements. Professionals who have worked upon international films from Toolbox Studio will be your mentors when you work on your projects. You also get the opportunity to intern with Toolbox Studio. This course will develop you into a professional VFX artist with experience in 2D/3D Animation, Compositing, Lighting, Live Action Shooting, using software’s like After Effects & NUKE. At the end of the course you will have a professional demo reel& placement support to work in the visual effects industry in India.

Highlights Of The Course

• Students will able to specialize in Game Art (2d & 3d), Game Design (Board, PC & Mobile Game), Game Programming, Level Design based on their interest and aptitude.
• The program is 70 % practical oriented.
• Internship and project work with industry participation.
• India’s first Game Design Program with Music and Sound for Computer Games.
Industry participation:-
• The courses are designed with contributions from Rohit Gupta -CEO of Rolocule games& inputs from game development professionals from Shoonya Game technologies & Ubisoft
• Game design Workshops, Special programming & scripting classes are conducted by professionals from the Pune Game industry

Special Feature of the Program:

• UK and International game development standard approval course (www.skillset,org)
• Experiential delivery method with practical learning, include case studies, workshop, seminars, project work and internship with industry participation.
• EDEXEL certified (following CREDIT based system)
• Rolocule Games as knowledge partners for all Game related programmes.




• First Year: Candidates having 10+2 (H.S.C.) qualifications can take admission.
• Direct Admission to Second Year in B.F.A. Students having passed G.D. Art, or Art Teacher Diploma (After 12th A.T.D.) Examination Or 12th (HSC) Passed+2 Or 3 Years government recognized diploma in animation can directly take admission to 2nd year of the course.

Course Pattern

3 Years – Full Time

Passing Criteria

50% Passing, 75% Attendance mandatory, Choice Based-Credit system

Course/Programme Outcome
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1. Semester pattern with a combination of 60Marks for Internal Examination and 40 Marks for External Examination.
2. Minimum passing marks – 30 & 20 respectively.
Internal Assessment:
I) Study, Exhibitions & other activities (10 Marks per subject)
The department of animation arranges outdoor studies, various activites, exhibition etc. Participation and presentation in these are compulsory. The students also participate in various competitions, events, activities other then departmental such as stage designing for various events, poster and other
II) Assignments (40 Marks per Subject)
The average of practiced assignments converted into 20 marks. There are 5 to 10 assignments for each subject. Most of the subjects are practical oriented.
III) Test: (5 Marks per Subject)
There is a Practical and written test before the semester examination at the end of semester similar to prelim. The answer sheets are discussed with the students. At list 5 written tests of each subject are held. Average marks are converted in to 5 marks.
IV) Classroom participation (5 marks per subject)
Class attendance, Discussion on relevant subject, Interaction etc.
External Assessment:
Semester examination will be held twice in a year, tentatively in the month of November and April each year.

Admission Procedure

• The candidate can collect the prospectus from the study center or TMV, Pune by paying the prescribed fee
• The filled in application form must be submitted only at the study center/TMV office alongwith essential documents.
• Admission given on the basis of seats availability.

Admission Period
Without late fee: 15th July
With late fee: 31st July   (Rs.500/- would charged as a late fee))

Procedure of Cancellation of Admission and Refund of Fee

Refund of fee for the cancellation of admission as per UGC norms will be considered after submission of a written application only, within 15 days from the date of admission.(Rs. 1000/- will be deducted). No request of refund of fees will be considered later.

Course Structure
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Fee Structure  (In Rupees)
(Fees applicable for current academic year.)
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Opportunities At Exit Point
• Game/Board Game/level Designer
• 2D/3D Game Developer
• Modelling & Texturing Artist
• Technical Artist
• Digital Game Artist
• Interactive / UI / Interface Designer