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Certificate Course in Mass Media

* Courses designed by Media Experts,Bench mark in the TV Industry.

* Training by leading professionals in the TV industry.

* State of Art Studio with Multi-camera facilities.

* World class digital equipment,Editing software.

* Work with on-line projects,hands on Practical Training.

* Placement Assistance with Production houses,TV channels.

* Specially designed Participatory,Professional Training.

* Workshops, projects, film club, Year plan activities.

* Fine tuning with the 'work Culture' of Television Industry.

Course Objectives:
--- Media Centre is a "Window on the Digital Media World" for all Media Aspirants. These courses are designed to equip students find exciting and lucrative careers in the burgeoing business of televiosion channels. It has a sharp focus on programme content designs,distribution technology. Economics of TV channels and Business patterns,market forces,style and profile of the televiosion channels,Televiosion production techniques,Socio-cultural shocks,Impacts and changes,human dynamics and innovative creations.
Duration 3 Months
Eligibility No criteria
Opportunities At Exit Point:
* Producer/Assistant Producer - Broadcast Media,TV,Radio,Ad Agencies.

* Designers - costume,make up, art direction,web designing.

* Broadcast journalist - TV,Radio,New Media - Online.

* Operators in TV studioes - cameras, sound and lighting,post production editing and outside broadcasts(cameras,sound or vision).

* Studio managers.

* Broadcast Engineers - TV, Radio - online.

* Project techonlogy Managers-national and international consultancy projects.

* Research Specialists - technology and engineering.