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Diploma Course in Japanese Language

This is a basic course in Japanese language. This is a Preparation for certificate course + N5 (JLPT Exam. Conducted by The Japan Govt.)
Aims and Objectives
1) The main objective of teaching Japanese is to make the students aware of a foreign culture and its people in order to promote international understanding and harmony by acquiring the necessary communication skill in Japanese Language.

2) To enable the students to – Knowledge of the Vocabulary, Grammar constructions, spoken part in day to day situations. To write all three scripts, to understand situational based and telephonic conversation.

3) To develop his / her personality and self-confidence by inculcating a sense of universal values like Punctuality, Cleanliness and respect the seniors as well as Law and order.
Special Feature:            
---From last year TMV Adv.Diploma students are permitted to appear for MONBUSHO Examination. Ms. Asiya Sheikh completed her 1 year studies at OKAYAMA University in Japan. This year Our Two students Ms. Asmita Harshe(OKAYAMA University) and Ms. Mudhura Gokhale (HIROSHIMA University) are studying in Japan.

---From 2009 MONBUKA GAKSHO and from 2011MONBUSHO scholarship examination is conducted in TMV Pune as a second center for Different examinations conducted by The Japan foundation.

---TMV gives “BEST STUDENT AWARD” to a Japanese Language student in the memories of Late. Mr. Sarang Ramchandra Sathe (Former TMV Trusty Member and Famous Judo Teacher). Ms. Shruti Gosavi is nominated for “BEST STUDENT” Award for 2010-2011.

---This year 15 students from Adv. Diploma and BA 3rd year participated in teachers training program conducted in the collaboration with JLPT Preparation Classes. To get hands on experience, newly trained teacher’s conducted one month summer coaching camp “Introduction to Basic Japanese” in month of April-May
Duration : 1 year(July to June. and January to December)
Teaching hours: The classes will be conducted 3times in a week Morning (7-30 to 9-30) and Evening (6-30 to 8-30 )
Eligibilty :
Certificate course in Japanese or JLPT level N5 (old 4Kyu)
Admission Procedure : Centralised

Examination Schedule :

Annually in the month of May

Examination Passing Standards :

To pass the examination, the candidate must obtain a minimum of 50% of the aggregate total marks for the entire examination, besides also obtaining at least 45% marks in each written paper and oral test. Only those candidates who have passed in the examination will be awarded grade certificate on the basis of the percentages of aggregate total marks obtained by the candidate as follows:

“A+” 90% or more

“A” 80% to 89%

“B+” 70% to 79%

“B” 60% to 69%

“C” 50% to 59%

Contact Person : Head of Department

Syllabus :

a) Basic sentence patterns, enlarging basic vocabularies, additional elementary 300 kanji, introduction to Japanese society and culture, conversation practice.

b) A prescribed text-book Nihongo Shoho – II, Book for listening – Mainichi No Kikitori.

Fee Structure :

For Regular Students Only : Rs. 3,500/-

(Fees applicable for current academic year.)

Faculty Photo
Mr. Vinay Sathe