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Department of Hotel Management

Notice regarding Reopening of College for Second Year and Third Year
BBA in Hospitality and Tourism/ Bachelor in Hotel Management and Catering Technology Students

• To democratize the education
• To provide accessibility towards higher education
• To impart quality education

        To Provide, nurture and maintain an environment of high academic excellence, research and entrepreneurship for all aspiring students, which will prepare them to face global challenges, maintaining high ethical and moral standards.

Aims & Objectives
BBA in Hospitality & Tourism
This programme has been launched to provide competent young personnel devoted to their duties, well equipped with necessary skill, knowledge and attitude to work for longer hours having ethical values to occupy the middle level supervisory position who are equally responsible to customers, management & subordinates with a skill to manage the show independently and ready to solve any problems with little or no help from management.
Bachelor In Hotel Management & Catering Technology
• To impart the latest knowledge to students pertaining to the field of Hospitality Industry.
• To develop the right attitude among the students for them to work efficiently in the industry

Introduction :
    In the present scenario of globalization, the hospitality and tourism industry has been identified as the fastest developing industry in the world. It is ranked as one of the highest foreign exchange revenue earners and is predicted to be the India’s largest industry in the near future. The hospitality industry is an ever changing and demanding field, which is a part of the large service sector, growing rapidly in India and abroad.
    There will be a great demand for well qualified staff with exciting and rewarding career opportunities. The courses offered by the TMV’s Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology impart the zeal to achieve excellence in every aspect encompassing all major themes of various technical and management subjects as core topics for study, having broadened the scope of job opportunities which otherwise was limited to only hotels.
    Thus the programmes designed by TMV’s Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology try to meet the needs of Tourism Industry at large.

Year of Establishment

Advantage of TMV’s IHMCT
A learner certainly has advantage studying at a deemed university which is accredited which implies that we offer quality education and our programmes are at par with national standards. We offer very wide choice of subjects in our CBCS, which helps the student to learn life skills.

1. Bachelor in Hotel Management & Catering Technology (BHMCT)
• AICTE Approval No – Western/1-3508232380/2018/EOA Dated – 04-Apr-2018
• DTE Approval No – 2 / NGC / Approval / 2011 / 3058 Dated – 9th May 2011
• Maharashtra State Government GR No. – TEM – 2010 / (165/2010) / TE – 4 Dated 26th July 2010

2. BBA in Hospitality and Tourism (BBA HT)
UGC Notification No. – Declared as Deemed University under section 3 of UGC Act 1956 vide notification no. F-9-19 / 85-U-3 dated 24th April 1987 by the Government of India.

Board Of Studies
Composition Name of the Member
Dean of Faculty Dr. Hemant Abhyankar
Heads / Co-Ordinators of the Departments Dr. Suvarna Sathe
Three Associate Professors From the departments other than the Heads of the department by rotation of the seniority. Smt. Pournima Wate
Dr. Madhavi renavikar
Smt. Shubada Chandavale
Three Assistant Professors from of the department by rotation of seniority 1. Dr. Manjiri Bhalerao
2. Smt. Jyoti Patil
Three persons from amongst educationists of repute or persons from any other field related to the activities of the institution deemed to be University who are not in the service of the institutions, nominated by the Vice Chancellor 1. Dr. Lalita Vartak
2. Gr.Capt. Deepak Apte
Three persons who are not members of the teaching staff co-opted by the Academic Council For their specialized knowledge. ---
The Registrar, who shall be the Secretary of the Academic Council

Contact Details :
Dr.Suvarna Sathe
Phone- 020-24403020
Email of Department

List Of Courses
* BBA in Hospitality & Tourism
* Bachelor In Hotel Management & Catering Technology

Department Facilities :
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1. BBA in Hospitality & Tourism
• Well equipped infrastructure
• Kitchen
• Restaurant unit
• House keeping unit
• Front office Unit
• Classrooms having comfortable seating arrangement with modern amenities such as OHP, LCD projector etc
• Library
2. Bachelor In Hotel Management & Catering Technology
• 5 months Industrial Training in the 8th semester (4th Year) which allows the students to take up job opportunities immediately at exit point.
• The curriculum lays stress on grooming, personality development, computer skills, and foreign language which helps in the complete development of an individual

• Good infrastructure
• Experienced and Qualified faculty
• Council approved program
• Industrial exposure for students
• Ample placements
• Faculty enrolment for PhD
• Revenue generation through consultancy
• Industry funded research projects
• Increase in students enrolment

•Boom in Hospitality and Tourism leading to employment opportunities for students
• Increased enrolment of students
• Search in more consultancies
• Industry funded research projects

Research Activities
By Faculty Members (Ongoing and Completed)
• Comparative study of Employment generation through tourism at historical places A case study of Sinhagad and Raigad. Click here
• Conferences, Seminar & Research Paper Presented / Attended & Published Click here

Faculty Up-gradation Click here

Academic Plan
For Academic Plan 2018-19 Click here

For Academic Plan 2017-18 Click here

Course Highlights :
Consultancy Cell :
      The Hotel Managment Department has established a consultancy cell where services are offered to various resorts and restaurants within the city and surrounding areas.
    Consultancy services are offered in areas such as on-site staff training, staff grooming, facilities planning and layout, menu engineering and interior designing at non-commercial rates.
    Consultancy has been at Hotel Amruta Executive (Sarola, Bhor)and LIC Training Institute, Balewadi, Pune

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Department Achievements :
Achievements (Staff and Students) :
1. 10/10/2013 - Thomas Cook (I)Ltd. conducted national level hospitality quiz competition in Mumbai in which 120 teams from across the country participated . Three teams from TMV's IHMCT department participated in the competition. Team of Mr. Ali Naik and Ms. Bhagyshree Joshi from SYBBA in Hospitality and Tourism secured the first prize.
2. 10/10/2013 - World Bread Day on account of international bread day Rotary Club of Pradhikaran arranged bread competition. Thirty three teams from various catering colleges from Pune and Mumbai took part in the competition. TMV`s IHMCT`s team of Mr. Siddhant Sarvan, Ms. Hemangi Bhosale and Mr. Banza Nathan from FYBBA in Hospitality and Tourism won the first prize and Mr.Pritesh Jadhav,Ms. Apurva Tikekar, Mr. Nitesh Kavle from TYBBA in Hospitality and Tourism won the third prize.
- Bread Competition Gallery
3. 15/10/2013 - Ms. Mugdha Satalkar received a gold medal and merit certificate for standing first in Punjab Technical University,Jalandhar in M.Sc. (Hotel Managment and Catering Technology and Tourism)
- Photo
4. Staff Presented Paper at Thomas Cook-Disha - In october 2013, following faculty member name Dr.Suvarna Sathe , Ms. Manasi Sadhale & Mr. Mahesh Randhave and Ms. Mugdha Satalkar successfully participated in " Disha - Research Paper on Travel and Tourism" conducted by Thomas Cook Centre of Learning.
5. Eminent Alumni Personalities - Click Here

Co-curicular Activities (Staff and Students) :
1. 27/9/2013 - "Avenues in Tourisum for Hospitality Professionals" Seminar attended by Dr. Suvarna Sathe, Prof. Mugdha Satalkar and Prof.Mahesh Randhave at AISSPMS`s CHMCT on the occasion of World Tourism Day.
2. 26/10/2013 - Mr.Akash Lilani (FYBBAHT) secured a second prize in essay competition on "Peace in mother of success" organized by Lions Club and TMV's Foreign Cell.

Other Activities:
1. Yummy Delights (4/11/2009) – (A vegetable snacks Food Festival) was organized by the Department of Hotel Management. It was inaugurated by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Dr. Deepak Tilak at 11.30am. Yummy Delights got a good response from Vidyapeeth students and faculty members. The active participation of the students and faculty of Department of Hotel Management made the event successful.
2. Snacky Mania (10/2/2010) - (A snacks Food Festival) was organized by the Department of Hotel Management. Snacky Mania got a good response from students and faculty members of other departments. The active participation of the students and faculty of Department of Hotel Management made the event successful.
3. Theme dinner(16/2/2013 & 17/2/2013 ) - organized on 16th & 17th February 2013 students responsible for entire planning organizing and execution of the dinner. Theme was Valentine: students prepared food served in to guests and created beautiful décor for the theme.
4. Eat Street (25/9/2013) - (A Veg. & Non- Veg food festival) was orgnized by the Department of Hotel Management. It was inaugurated by Hon`ble Vice Chancelor Dr. Deepak Tilak at 11.30 AM. Eat Street got a good response from vidyapeeth students & faculty members. The active participation of the students and faculty of Department of Hotel Management made the event successful.
- Eat Street Gallery
5. Bakery fest (05/03/2014) - Bakery fest “Golden Crust” was organized by the Department of Hotel Management. It was inaugurated by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Dr. Deepak Tilak at 11. 30 am., in presence of Hon’ble chief guest Mrs. Pimplekhare (Owner Oasis Group of Hotels) “Golden Crust” got a good response from Vidyapeeth students and faculty members. The active participation of the students and faculty of Department of Hotel Management made the event successful.

Department Events
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* TMV's Institute Of Hotel Management & Catering Technology
* Cocktail Event Arranged By Hotel Management Department