Fulfilling Lokmanya's Dream of Imparting National Education To Face Global Challenges......

Faculties at the Vidyapeeth

1) Faculty of Arts and Fine Arts

Dept.: Shri. Balmukund Lohia Center of Sanskrit & Indological Studies Aims at promotion and protection of our great Indian heritage and tradition through the study of Sanskrit, the original source of all Indian languages.
Courses offered - Ph.D, M. A., B. A., Diploma, Certificate in Sanskrit and Indology, Certificate & Diploma in Japanese Language .

2) Faculty of Moral and Social Sciences

Imparts distinctive post-graduate courses and conducts research in Social Sciences, which has been appreciated as a valued educational experiment giving the University its distinct identity. Department also conducts Library Science Courses in Marathi Medium. Research activities are regularly carried out.
Courses offered - Ph.D, M.Phil, M.A. (Sociology, Economics, History, Political Science) Ph.D, M.A. (Philosophy), M.A. & M.Sc. in Geography, M.Lib., B.Lib., Ph.D. in Lib. Science.

3) Faculty of Ayurveda

Dept.: Late Vd. P. G. Nanal Department of Ayurveda
Imparts the knowledge of Preventive Medicine & Positive Health to the masses.
A massive project - Ayurvediya Triskandha Kosha was completed within the last 15 years. The information regarding the maintenance of health and curing of diseases which is found scattered in ancient Ayurvedic texts is collected and made available in the easier mode. A diagnostic software of this Kosha has also been released.
Courses offered - Ph.D., Dip. in Ayurvedic Dietetics, Dip. in Ayurvedic Massage, MBA (Ayurveda Pharmacy)

4) Faculty of Distance Education

Aims at providing continuing education to all the sections of our society through the non-formal mode of Distance Education. Programmes offered range from conventional ones such as B. A. / B. Com. to self-employment generating like Social Work, Journalism, skill-oriented like Classical Dance and Professional ones such as BCA, MCA, BBA, MBA, Hotel Management, Fine Arts and so on.

5) Faculty of Modern Sciences and Professional Skills

This faculty, introduced in 2005 aims at launching courses lin the fields such as Management, Computer Science, Biotechnology, Microbiology etc. These fields that have vast potential will definitely impart specialized knowledge and skills and will offer a bright career to students.
Courses Offered - B. Sc. (Biotech & Microbiology), BBA, MBA, BCA, MCA, Diploma in Engg., Hotel Management, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Courses in Mass Media, etc.

6) Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education aims to promote competent and committed professionals in the field, who have a research and commitment oriented attitude while pursuing this noble and sacred profession, which will ultimately fulfill Lokmanya's dream of a 'Strong Modern India'.
Courses Offered - B.Ed.

7) Faculty of Engineering

The faculty of Engineering aims at providing education and training that would maximize the knowledge and skills of the students and enable them to compete confidently in the globalized world.
Courses Offered - Diploma in Engineering

8) Faculty of Health Sciences

The faculty of Health sciences aims at catering to the needs of the society created by the modern life style. The University has launched this faculty by starting courses such as Bachelor of Physiotherapy and B.Sc. Nursing. There is constantly an increasing demand in India & abroad for Physiotherapists; the same is the case with Nursing as well. The University has made tie-ups with various hospitals for providing practical experience to the students. Other courses such as Optometry, Dental Technician, technicians of every medical branch, Emergency Medical Services etc. are also being planned by this faculty.