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M.A. in Japanese Language
(Course Code 197)

          "MA in Japanese Language" is a study of how to teach Japanese language effectively to Indian learners and how to analyze Japanese Language and communication in Japanese (linguistics). This course aims at training proficient Japanese teachers who can deepen their knowledge from various directions and answer the diverse needs of learners. Students must, of course, know Japanese well, and they will also learn about the Japanese people and culture, have exposure to other applied Japanese such as Translation and Interpretation. From wider perspective, throughout the program of study, they will acquire a deep understanding of people from other cultures, mastering cross-cultural communication skills in the process.
Duration - The course will be of two academic years of 4 semesters.
Teaching hours - The classes will be conducted 4 times in a week.
Minimum qualification: - Graduation in any field and N2 or Old Level 2 and above. Passing the Entrance exam is compulsory.

Fee Structure  (In Rupees)
(Fees applicable for current academic year.)
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Paper- 1 Linguistics
MAJ-101 General Linguistics - Introduction, Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology ,Syntax, Semantics, Sociolinguistics
MAJ-201 Japanese Linguistics part-I
Introduction, Verbs, Particles, Voice
MAJ-301 Japanese Linguistics part-II
Tense, Aspect, Mood, Politeness, Demonstrative, Adverb
MAJ-401 Japanese Phonetics
Introduction, Phone, Rhythm, Accent, Intonation
Paper- 2 Japanese Language Education
MAJ-102 Japanese Language Education part-I
Second Language Acquisiton and Foreign Language Acquisition, Course Design
MAJ-202 Japanese Language Education part-II
Japanese Teaching Method, How to teach Japanese character, vocabulary, grammar
MAJ-302 Japanese Language Education part-III
Japanese Teaching Method, How to teach conversation, listening, reading, writing
MAJ-402 Japanese Language Education part-IV
Japanese Teaching Method, How to teach culture, Evaluation,
Paper- 3 Japanology, Practical Japanese
A) Japanese Literature :
Research in Japanese Literature

B) Japanese Society and History part
Study of Japanese Society and History

C) Translation and Interpretation
Japanese-English Translation and Interpretation

*The subject will be decided
with the mutual consent of
teacher & students.

Paper- 4 Research methodology
MAJ-104 Research methodology part-I
Reading Japanese thesis
MAJ-204 Research methodology part-II
Reading Japanese thesis, How to write thesis in Japanese
MAJ-304 Research methodology part-III
Reading Japanese thesis, Writing thesis in Japanese
MAJ-404 Research methodology part-IV
Writing thesis in Japanese, Presentation

Entrance test is compulsory for direct admissions to FYMA

Course/Programme Outcome
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