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Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) - (Distance)

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Email - distanceeducation@tmv.edu.in

Contact Person
1) Prof.Dr.Madhavi Renavikar - Sociology
2) Prof. Bapusaheb Sasane - Economics
3) Prof. Shubhada Chandavale - Political Science
4) Prof.Neelima Kulkarni - History
5) Prof. Ganesh Dendge - Geography
6) Prof.Sayali Godbole - English


First Year : 12th pass/S. S. C. (old) / 10th + Completion of any two years' Govt. recognized diploma, 10th + D. Ed. / 10th + I. T. I. / N.C.T.V.T. / A.T. D. /   T. D. Direct Second Year :
Category A) : Direct Admission :Completion of First year of any degree. Completion of any other graduation or post graduation from a recognized University.
Category B): Completion of 12th + D.Ed., 10th + Completion of any three years Govt. recognized Diploma, 12th + completion of any two years Govt. recognized Diploma. The student from this category (B) will have to appear and pass first year's six subjects in December or May examination in current academic year. Note : For First year December Examination fill Form B. For Second year examination fill Form A. If he / she fails in passing in the first year subjects he / she will not be able to get admission for the third year.
Note : Students admitted directly to second year under category B will have to appear to and pass in First Year's external evaluation in December or May Examination of Current Year. Such students need not to submit home assignments.
Admission to First Year : Min. age. - 16 yrs. Candidates who are below 12th will be admitted to B. A. programme only after completion of the preparatory programme and having passed entrance examination. The students who have been admitted through entrance, will have to complete B. A. Programme from Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth.
Admission to First Year through the Preparatory Course should not be considered equivalent to passing 11th / 12th std. exam.

Course Pattern
3 Years (Annual)

Medium of Instruction
Marathi / English / Hindi
Structure of programme
First Year
Economics, Sociology, History, Political science,Geography (5 general papers) + one language (Marathi OR English)Total - 6 papers

Second Year
Economics, Sociology, History, Political science, Geography (Any one subject - 3 papers) + 2 General papers (from other subjects) + One language (chosen at First Year level)Total - 6 papers

Third Year
Economics, Sociology, History, Political science, Geography (Any one subject - 3 papers) + 2 General papers (from other subjects chosen at second year) + One language (chosen at First Year level)Total - 6 papers

(Note: Subject code is mentioned in the bracket)

First Year Second Year Third Year
Economics General - 1 (EG-1)
Indian Economy
Economics General - 2 (EG-2)
Economics Special - 1 (ES-1)
Micro Economics
Economics Special - 2 (ES-2)
Economics of Development
Economics General - 3 (EG-3)
Agricultural Economics
Economics Special - 3 (ES-3)
Macro Economics
Economics Special - 4 (ES-4)
History of the Economic Thought
Sociology General - 1 (SG-1)Introduction to Sociology Sociology General - 2 (SG-2)
Social Problems in India
Sociology Special - 1 (SS-1)
Social Thinkers
Sociology Special - 2 (SS-2)
Rural and Urban Sociology
Sociology General - 3 (SG-3)
Indian Society
Sociology Special - 3 (SS-3)
Social Research Method
Sociology Special - 4 (SS-4)
Industrial Sociology
History General - 1 (HG-1)
Modern India
History General - 2 (HG-2)
History of Modern World
History Special - 1 (HS-1)
Ancient India (Up to 1200 A.C.)
History Special - 2 (HS-2)
History of Marathas (1630 to 1818)
History General - 3 (HG-3)
Medieval India (1200 to 1761)
History Special - 3 (HS-3)
Modern Maharashtra (1816 to 1960)
History Special - 4 (HS-4)
History of China and Japan (1839 to 1960)
political science General - 1 (PG-1)
Introduction to political science
political science General - 2 (PG-2)
Local Self Government
political science Special - 1 (PS-1)
Indian Government & political science
political science Special - 2 (PS-2)
Indian Political Thinkers
political science General - 3 (PG-3)
Modern Political Ideology
political science Special - 3 (PS-3)
Indian Foreign Policy
political science Special - 4 (PS-4)
Political Sociology
Geography General - 1 (GG-1)
Physical Geography
Geography General - 2 (GG-2)
Agricultural Geography
Geography Special - 1 (GS-1)
Geography of Settlements
Geography Special - 2 (GS-2)
Resources and Environment
Geography General - 3 (GG-3)
Geography of Tourism
Geography Special - 3 (GS-3)
Economic Geography
Geography Special - 4 (GS-4)
Political Geography
Marathi General - 1 (MG-1) Marathi General - 2 (MG-2) Marathi General - 3 (MG-3)
English General - 1 (ENG-1) English General - 2 (ENG-2) English General - 3 (ENG-3)
  MS Office (Comp-G1) Tally (Comp-G2)
Passing Criteria
40%. Separate passing for Internal and External Assessment

Fee Structure
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*Detailed Syllabus of Computer papers will be uploaded shortly

Opportunities At Exit Point
Entry to B.Ed., M.S.W., L.L.B., (only to those who have completed 10+2), B.J., post graduation in social sciences, languages etc., MPSC & UPSC

Academic Plan
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Tentative Exam Dates

Annual Examination -  May 2014

Course Highlight:

Introduction of job oriented computer courses – i.e. MS Office and Tally - at general level.

Assignments 2013-14
Question Papers