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The Campus

      Situated in the heart of the city, the Vidyapeeth is spread over 6 acres of land. It is a green pocket with a lake on one side and tree lined avenues on the other sides. The Main Building is an elegant structure which brings the rich cultural heritage of the Vidyapeeth to life. This buildind houses Reception, Finance and Administration offices as well as offices of the Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar.

      Administrative offices for Distance Education programmes are located in a muilt-story building. Engineering Workshop and Laboratories are also located within the campus. There are two separate buildings for the girls' and boys' hostel.

      Tall, modern academic buildings house the classrooms, over 20 laboratories of various departments, seminar hall, the auditorium and the library. There are 9 elevators to facilitate movement of people.

      TMV's Library has a large collection of books, manuscripts and periodicals. Admission office, publication section, separate gymnasia for ladies and men are located inside the campus.

The campus has a separate canteen and a playground in addition to large parking area for two wheelers and cars.

Architecture of the buildings ensures well lit and ventilated working spaces for everyone.


The original establishment of the Vidyapeeth was on its own campus located in the heart of Pune City i.e. at Sadashiv Peth, Pune. Today following departments are situated on this campus:-
• Sanskrit and Indological Studies
• Social Sciences (Economics, History, Sociology, Political Science)
• Foreign Languages

Name of the Building Plinth Area Covered Area
Sadashiv Peth, Pune 213.78 sq.m. 1131.52 sq.m.

        Since 1970, Vidyapeeth is functioning from its own premises (6.5 acres land) at Gultekdi, Pune. This is on the UGC record that the UGC Visiting Committee paid the visits to the Vidyapeeth to assess its plan proposals which resulted in strengthening the existing teaching, research and development of its departmental activities and allocated the grants for construction purposes and also sanctioned the development grants to the Vidyapeeth during the IX, X & XI Plan Periods.

Name of the Building Plinth Area Covered Area
Main Bldg.(Old Bldg.) 448.96 sq.m. 897.92 sq.m.
Library & Educational Complex 645.56 sq.m. 5906.38 sq.m.
Jayantrao Tilak Bhavan Phase I : 279.09 sq.m. 1974.16 sq.m.
Phase II : 732.32 sq.m. 7323.20 sq.m.
Kalidasa, Dhanvantari (Staff Qrtrs.) (Old Bldg.) 301.12 sq.m. 903.36 sq.m.
Distance Education Deptt. Old Bldg.) 330.74 sq.m. 992.22 sq.m.
Womens’ Hostel 277.81 sq.m. 1197.71 sq.m.
Guest House (Old Bldg.) 93.69 sq.m. 191.94 sq.m.