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M.Sc. in Nutrition And Food Science

M.Sc. Nutrition & Food Science is a unique course, specially designed to bridge the gaps between dietary concepts of Ayurveda and present era. The course is aimed at enhancing inclusive knowledge of the ancient & present diet pattern for healthy individuals, athletes, and patients in classrooms as well as in clinical practice.

• Understanding Indian Diet as mentioned in Ayurveda with nutritional values and clinical biochemistry.

• Understanding Indian, Western, Continental, Fast food diet with advantages and disadvantages to health.

• Applications of Diet therapy in various disease conditions from Pediatric to Geriatric population.

• Extended awareness about food & food preparation methods like home cooking, ready to eat, hotel food, etc.

• Emphasis on healthy diet practice to be healthy and make our society healthy.

1.BAMS /BHMS/ MBBS/ B.Sc. Nutrition/ B.Sc. Food Technology
2.Entrance Test.
The entrance test will be of 50 marks based on general knowledge about Nutrition& Food Science
Q1. Long answer Question (Marks 10)
Q2. Long answer Question (Marks 10)
Q3. Long answer Question (Marks 10)
Q.4. Short notes 4 (20 Marks- 5 marks each.)
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Course Pattern Semester (Credit System)
Passing Criteria 50%

Schedule Regular

Fee Structure Click here
Syllabus Click here for detail syllabus
Admission Procedure

Entrance forms will be available at Department of Ayurveda, Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune

Entrance Fee Rs. 500/- ONLY.
Available seats Seats –10 only Seat reservation As per state government norms
Exit Point
1. Ayurveda Nutritionist upcoming avenue for students.
2. Job Opportunities multispecialty hospitals, corporate sectors & health centres.