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M.Sc. in Nutrition And Food Science

M.Sc. Nutrition & Food Science is a unique course, specially designed to bridge the gaps between dietary concepts of Ayurveda and present era. The course is aimed at enhancing inclusive knowledge of the ancient & present diet pattern for healthy individuals, athletes, and patients in classrooms as well as in clinical practice.

• Understanding Indian Diet as mentioned in Ayurveda with nutritional values and clinical biochemistry.

• Understanding Indian, Western, Continental, Fast food diet with advantages and disadvantages to health.

• Applications of Diet therapy in various disease conditions from Pediatric to Geriatric population.

• Extended awareness about food & food preparation methods like home cooking, ready to eat, hotel food, etc.

• Emphasis on healthy diet practice to be healthy and make our society healthy.

1.BAMS /BHMS/ MBBS/ B.Sc. Nutrition/ B.Sc. Food Technology
2.Entrance Test.
The entrance test will be of 50 marks based on general knowledge about Nutrition& Food Science
Q1. Long answer Question (Marks 10)
Q2. Long answer Question (Marks 10)
Q3. Long answer Question (Marks 10)
Q.4. Short notes 4 (20 Marks- 5 marks each.)
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Course Pattern Semester (Credit System)
Passing Criteria 50%

Schedule Regular

Fee Structure Click here
Academic Calendar
Academic calender MSc.Nutrition & Food sciences 18-19 Click Here
Syllabus Click here for detail syllabus
Admission Procedure

Entrance forms will be available at Department of Ayurveda, Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune

Entrance Fee Rs. 500/- ONLY.
Available seats Seats –10 only Seat reservation As per state government norms
Exit Point
1. Ayurveda Nutritionist upcoming avenue for students.
2. Job Opportunities multispecialty hospitals, corporate sectors & health centres.