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The Consortium for Educational Communication (CEC) is one of the Inter University Centers set up by the University Grants Communication of India to promote Countrywide Classroom Programmes in the year 1984. It has been established with the goal to address the needs of Higher Education Information Communication Technology (ICT). Today 22 Media Centers are working towards achieving this goal under the umbrella of CEC. The Consortium has VYAS Higher Education Channel which is based on educational content on various undergraduate subjects which supplement the classroom teaching.
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Best User of the Library Award

J-Gate Demonstration - 25th April 2014

Events And Activities of Department

About the Library
The Library is considered as an integral part in the academic activities of the Vidyapeeth. It has a collection of more than 80,000 books 234 periodicals (national & international) in subjects including Social Sciences, Sanskrit Literature, Philosophy, Religion, Indology, Ayurveda, Management, Biotechnology, Education, Library Science, and Engineering etc. The Library provides services to all the users of this Vidyapeeth. It also has a rich collection of 2000 manuscripts. The library is equipped with INFLIBNET facilities. The Library is automated with SLIM 21 software has also has a Web OPAC facility.

Library Layout
The library is located on two floors:-
• Stack room, Circulation section : 1st floor
• Reading hall, Periodicals section & Internet facility : 2nd floor

Working Hours
Reading Hall
Monday – Saturday 9:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday – Saturday 9:30am to 7:00 pm
Sunday 9:30 am to 3:00 pm
The Library remains closed on 2nd & 4th Saturday and on University Holidays.

• Photocopy
• Scanning
• Bar coding of books
• Newspaper clippings
• E-mail alerts
• Web OPAC
• Display of new arrivals
• Reference and Referral service
• INTERNET services
• Suggestion Box
• Reading hall facility to past students and members of staff of TMV.
• Lending Facilities
• Membership to senior citizen of TMV colony
• Provision of access of Thesis & Dissertations to researchers of other Universities
Membership is provided to the students, staff and faculties of the Vidyapeeth.
Also other membership prevails with the prior permission of the librarian and at a minimal charge of Rs.750/- only.

Entitlement Period


2 books 10 days

Back issue of periodical 5 days


5 books 90 days

Back issue of periodical 10 days

Visiting Faculties

2 books 10 days


2 books 30 days

Collection and Resources
The library collection consists of books, textbooks reference books, back volumes of periodicals, e-journals, online database, CDs, Audio Cassettes which are in open access.

Books are arranged according to colon classification scheme for easy access. The users through the Web OPAC facility can easily access the location and status of the books.

Display of New Books
New books are displayed on every Monday for a period of One week in an open rack at the circulation counter and can be borrowed after the expiry period.

Reference Book Collections
Reference books include encyclopedias, dictionaries, rare & costly books which can be referred only in the reading room.

Current Periodicals
The library subscribes to over 234 periodicals (national / international) arranged subject wise in the reading hall. No current periodical or newspaper can be taken outside the library.
Current Periodical List

Back Volumes of Periodicals
The back volumes of periodicals are kept at the periodical section which can issued outside the library.

Rare Books Collection :
• Setu Madhavrao Pagdi Collection: Noted historican and poet of Urdu language.
• Pandit Babrekar Shastri Manuscripts Collection: Noted Sanskrit scholar
• Prof. C.G.Kashikar Collection: Noted Sanskrit Scholar
• Prof. A.R.Kulkarni Collection: Noted historican and former Vice Chancellor of TMV.
• Kesari Collection: Noted books of Lokmanya Tilak
• C. G. Kashikar Collection: Noted Sanskrit scholar and former Vice Chancellor of TMV

Highlights of the library
• Manscripts digitization completed
• Shodhganga grants received from INFLIBNET center for digitization of old thesis and dissertations.
• Anti-plagarism software ithenticate & Turtin received under Shodhganga grant form INFLIBNET
• Facilities to researchers of other institutions to access the library resources and thesis.

Security of library materials
• CCTV surveillance in the library with backup.
• Grilled wire windows
• Security guard at the entrance

Kesari library tie up provides the following facilities to students of TMV
The facility provides access to scanned newspapers of Kesari from 1881-1930.
Issues of Mahratta bounded from 1881-1930
Rare photos of Lokmanya Tilak, Tilak family, work done is accessible in hard disk form.
Record of letters of Lokmanya Tilak maintained in registers.
Rare books on Lokmanya Tilak, M. K. Gandhi, Agarkar, Savarkar, N. C. Kelkar and other noted historians.

Activities conducted
• EBSCO hands-on training
J-Gate demonstration
Reference books display exhibition
Saraswati Poojan
One day JCCC-INFONET workshop
• User orientation program

Future Plans
• Institutional Repository
• To increase membership of other resourceful libraries and encourage resource sharing.
• Digitization of thesis and dissertations and submission to Shodhganga project.

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