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Post Graduate Department of History


The department hopes to be recognized as a centre for higher learning in History. It aims to create a student having an awareness of his cultural roots. It wishes to provide the students with an understanding of the political and socio-economic happenings in a historical perspective in order to make him a responsible and conscious 'citizen'. It aims to equip its students with knowledge of the art and science of History writing. It also hopes to create a place of its own as an institution devoted to the learning of Modern South Asian history. It aims to be in touch with the local and global academic community through various points of interaction arranged by its own initiative. It also hopes that its faculty members will further strengthen their academic standards by contributing to teaching, research and extension activities, thus benefitting its students, and creating a respectable reputation for the department and the Vidyapeeth in the larger community.

The mission of the department is to create conscious citizens—Indian and Global—through higher education. The mission of the department is to promote innovations in teaching and research activities and thereby achieve educational excellence.

Comprehension of the subject at a higher level in addition to an in-depth study of the subject is aimed at and the course structure is prepared accordingly. The department has revised its existing curricula for M. A. and M. Phil. courses. The new curricula places emphasis on fieldwork, hands-on experience in Writing of history, seminars and presentations, awareness of socio-cultural realities and latest information on recent trends and debates in the field of history. The students are introduced to the various trends in history and various schools of thought in history. As a result their understanding of knowledge becomes more comprehensive.
The department hopes to come up with publications in the field of historical research in the coming years. Besides, the faculty members keep publishing their articles in various journals and newspapers.
The department aims to expand its student base locally in and around Pune, as well as globally. It would strive to recruit students from all over the world who are interested in studying South Asian history in particular. YOUR COMMENTS & FEEDBACK about the teaching and research activities of the department would be an important step in reaching out to a wider audience.
The department would like to reach out not only to the students of history, but also faculty members involved in the teaching of History. The department was sanctioned to organize 5 refresher courses in history in 1996-1997. The department would like to revive the programme and organise refresher courses in History.

The Department of History was initially a part of the Nehru Institute of Social Sciences (NISS) that had been established by the Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune in 1969. The UGC granted the Deemed University status to Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth in 1987 owing to the interdisciplinary approach adopted by the NISS in teaching and research in Social Sciences. A Masters course in social sciences with a specialization in History was offered from 1996. As per the tenth plan allocations for the Vidyapeeth and the suggestions of the then UGC Chairman Prof. Nigvekar (ref. No. D. O. No. F. 2-5/2002 X plan) it was decided that all four departments that comprised the Nehru Institute of Social Sciences be separated into autonomous departments. Thus, the Post –graduate Department of History as a separate department was established in 2005. The department is offering M.A., M.Phil. and Ph.D. courses in History. M.A. and M.Phil. courses are regular courses for which regular teaching is done. As per UGC, New Delhi guidelines, the coursework of one semester has been introduced for Ph.D. Degree. It has since then embarked upon its journey towards becoming a centre of higher learning and research in History.

Year of Establishment
1987 (as NISS) and 2005 (as a separate department)

 The courses are approved by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi and the Government of Maharashtra.

Board of Studies
The Department of History is part of the Board of Studies for the Faculty of Moral and Social Sciences. All faculties are members of this Board which meets twice a year. The Board discusses and finalises various academic issues such as, the Examination schedule, the panels for Paper Setting and Assessment, introduction of new courses, Revision of the Syllabi and others.

Dr. B.D.Kulkarni
Head Of Department
Dr. Nalini Waghmare Profile

Contact Person
For Academic Matters- Dr. Nalini Waghmare
For Administrative Matters- Mrs. Pradnya Peshwe
Office Address
Post-Graduate Department of History,
Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth,
Gultekdi, Pune 37
Pune 411 037 (Maharashtra, India)
Contact Numbers/Email of Department
Phone: 020 24403007/24403088
Email: history@tmv.edu.in

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Future Oppurtunities

• Teaching
• Archaeology
• Civil Services
• Tourism Industry
• Research organizations
• Museumology

Department Facilities

• Well equipped Library of books and journals
• Internet facility
• Audio-Visual Room
• Academic counselling and guidance
• Seminar Hall
• Reading Room
• Spacious Parking

Research Activities:

1) Faculty Research:
• Completed Research -
The department faculty has completed various research projects-
Dr. Shraddha Kumbhojkar:
1) Historical Analysis of the Nationalistic Interpretation of Ancient Indian Texts: A Case Study of Geeta sponsored by Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune
2) Memory, Textbooks of History and Communalization of Identity sponsored by UGC, New Delhi.

Ongoing Research
Dr.Sandhya Pandit :
1] Social Issues and British Response in the early 19th Century Maharashtra.
- This project is sponsored by Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune

Research Project:
Completed the ICHR (Indian Council of Historical Research New Delhi) Grant-in –Aid Project on Socio-Economic Conditions of Bidriware Artisans in Bidar District by Dr. Nalini Waghmare.

2) Research by M.Phil./Ph.D. Students:
• Completed Research -
1) 12 Ph.D. students completed their work.

Ongoing Research 1) 8 Ph.D. students registered in the Department.
M. Phil. and Ph. D. students have carried out research in varied areas such as social history, regional history, modern Indian history, research on various historical leaders, freedom fighters, revolutionaries, etc.

Academic Plan
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Course Highlights

1. Introduced Field Visits to museums, monuments, archives, etc.
2. Showing various documentaries related to the discipline.
3. Using power point presentations for audio-visual effect.
4. Conduct research methodology workshops for the students.
5. Guest Lectures

List of Courses:
Ph. D. (History)
M. Phil. (History)
Post Graduation (History)

Departmental Activities:

Guest Lecture on 15th March 2016

Guest Lecture: The Department of History Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune organized a Guest Lecture on Maratha History by Dr. Stewart Gordon (Senior Research Scholar Center for South Asian Studies, University of Michigan) on 6th February 2015.

Study Tour:
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Department Achievements:
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Before 2005, all social sciences departments were included under the single roof of the NISS. As a result, History and other social science departments worked in tandem with each other. Notable achievements related to History in this period include the following:
1. Organisation and hosting of the International Seminar on Maharashtra: Society and Culture in 1997.
2. Organisation of 5 UGC-Sponsored refresher courses in History in 1995-1996.
3. Award of a Major Research Project on Environment and Development from the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra in 2002.
4. Award of B+ accreditation by NAAC in 2002.
5. Organisation of ICSSR sponsored National Seminar on Marginalised Peoples in 2003.

After 2005, the newly created department has the following achievements to its credit:

1. Organisation of a State Seminar on Recent Trends in Historiography, 2006.
2. Marking the 150th birth anniversary of Lokmanya Tilak, the department successfully organized a national seminar on the theme “19th Century: A Reassessment” in 2007. Vidyapeeth departments are not Ivory Towers, but are organically related to the society in which they function. Hence, the department organized this national seminar in collaboration with ‘A. M. Deshpande Memorial Study Circle’, an institution working in the field of research in History for the last few years in Pune.
3. Organisation of ICHR sponsored National Seminar on 19th Century Maharashtra: A Reassessment in 2008.
4. Organisation of ICHR sponsored National Seminar on Many Histories in 2009.
5. Completion of UGC Major Research Project on ‘Memory, Textbooks of history and Creation of Identity”
6. The establishment of the State of Maharashtra completed 50 years in 2010. The department celebrated the golden jubilee of the state by successfully organizing an International seminar on “Maharashtra: Society and Identity”.
7. Organisation of a workshop for History School Teachers 2011.
8. The department also organized an annual endowment lecture in memory of a great philosopher of History, late D. V. Apte. The department will continue with the lecture series that has celebrated its Diamond Jubilee.
9. The UGC sanctioned Major Research Project undertaken by Dr. Kumbhojkar has been completed.
10. Currently, 4 UGC Teacher Fellows are working for their doctoral dissertations at the department under the FIP.
11. 1 UGC Post-Doctoral Fellow has completed her project from this department.

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