Fulfilling Lokmanya's Dream of Imparting National Education To Face Global Challenges......
Lokmanya Tilak Center For Research & Development

Our Vision

To acquire, preserve and spread knowledge through research along with interdisciplinary approach to be able to produce outstanding achievements that inspires dynamic teaching and learning.

Our Mission

 • To participate in international networks
 • To nurture creativity and encourage research aptitude
 • To contribute towards human resource development
 • To create data and research work for social, culture,political and economical development of India
 • To enhance ability to perform research in a global community

Constitutional Establishment
Department has been established in 2016, with aim of resources facilitation to the research students, at one place.

Designated Comittee Members
Name Designation
Dr Geetali Tilak Chairman
Dr. S.G. Bapat Member
Dr. S R Kandalgaonkar Member
Dr. Prashant Suru Member
Dr. Prafullata Suru Member
Dr. Abhijit Joshi Member
Dr. Sunanda Yadav Secretary

• Central Fabrication Facility click here
• Central Instrumentation Facility click here
• Museum of Antiquities in SBL Centre of Sanskrit & Indological Studies click here


Total sanctioned grants by various funding agencies and TMV is as follows for academicyear 2016-2017-

Total No Of Projects-80.

Research Projects List For academic Year 2017 -2018

Research Project
Research Project