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Post Graduate Department of Economics

Vision :
            The field of economics is expanding very fast in the light of globalization. International economics is influencing all the economies in the world. The department wishes to explore the various fields and subfields in the current situation. In this regard, the vision of the Department of Economics (Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune) is to establish itself as a centre of excellence in the field of education. The education is offered for the development of society. The department promotes dignity, equality and social justice through its courses.

Mission :
            The department of Economics (Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune) organizes various teaching programmes along with research activities. The mission of the department is to promote the innovative academic activities in order to promote educational excellence. The department has planned to design the courses to produce the competent students. The research carried out in the department will be linked with the intellectual society.

Objective :
• To improve the quality of education.
• To promote the role of education for National integration.
• To promote the education of women.
• To promote education among the weaker sections including minorities SC/ST/OBC and socially deprived sections.
• To promote the inter-linkages across teaching, research and extension.

            The Department of Economics was initially a part of the Nehru Institute of Social Sciences (NISS) that had been established by the Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune in 1969. The U.G.C. granted the Deemed University status to the Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth in 1987 owing to the interdisciplinary approach adopted by the NISS in teaching and research in Social Sciences. The Post–graduate Department of Economics as a separate department was established in 2005. The department is offering M.A., M.Phil. and Ph.D. courses in Economics. M.A. and M.Phil. are regular courses for which regular teaching is done. As per UGC, New Delhi guidelines, the coursework of one semester has been introduced for Ph.D. Degree. The research activity of the Department covers an extremely wide variety of fields with diverse interests in co-operation, agricultural economics, rural economics, industrial economics, social economics, etc.

Year of Establishment       1987 (as NISS) and 2005 (as a separate department)

Board Of Studies
            The Department of Economics is part of the Board of Studies for the Faculty of Moral and Social Sciences. All faculties are members of this Board which meets twice a year. The Board discusses and finalises various academic issues as - Examination Schedule, The Panels for Paper Setting and Assessment, Introduction of New courses, Revision of the Syllabi and others.
Composition Name of the Member
Dean of Faculty
Heads / Co-Ordinators of the Departments Dr. Praveen Jadhav
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Asst Prof. & BOS Member Dr. Jyoti Patil
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Main Office Address
Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth,Gultekdi
[Phone:(O) 020-24264699/24267888]

Branch Office Contact Person
Mrs. Pradnya Peshwe (Administrative Head)
Mrs. Sharmila Borade
Mrs. Ashwini Swami
Branch Office Address
Post-Graduate Department of Economics,
Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth,1242,Sadashiv Peth
[Phone:(O) 24454866/24453290]
Email: economics@tmv.edu.in

Academic Calender
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List of Courses:
M. A. (Economics) Regular
M. A. (Economics) External
M. Phil. (Economics)
Ph. D. (Economics)

Department Facilities : (Click Here for Department Facilities Gallery)
• Library
• Internet facility
• Academic counselling and guidance
• Classrooms
• Audio-Visual Room

Research Activities (ongoing and completed)
Faculty Research:
• Completed and submitted a minor research project under University Grants Commission’s Unassigned Grant on 26th August 2002. The title of the project was “The Study of Economic Status of Scheduled Castes in Agriculture Sector: A Case Study of Sangao (mouje) in Kolhapur Dist.” (Principal Investigator: Dr. Praveen Jadhav)
• Completed Ph. D research work titled, “Socio-Economic Status of Scheduled Castes : A Comparative Study (With respect to Kolhapur District)” (Awarded with Ph. D. in the month of April 2006) (Researcher: Dr. Praveen Jadhav)
• Worked as Co-Investigator for a major research project titled, “Environment and Development’ funded by Government of Maharashtra and undertaken by Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune in 2004-05. (Co-Investigator: Dr. Praveen Jadhav)
• Completed a ‘Major Research Project’ sanctioned by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi titled “The Social, Cultural and Economics Reality of Scheduled Castes: An Analysis based on Dalit Literature (Autobiographies)”. The project has been submitted in 2011 to UGC, New Delhi (Principal Investigator: Dr. Praveen Jadhav)
• Completed a ‘Major Research Project’ sanctioned by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi tiled “Contract Agriculture Labour in Agriculture Sector: Measuring the Deprivation (With Respect to Solapur District)”. This project is expected to be completed in 2014. (Principal Investigator: Dr. Praveen Jadhav)

Research by M.Phil./Ph.D. students
Students Research:
M. Phil. and Ph. D. students have carried out research in varied areas such as social economics, agricultural economics, industrial economics, international economics, public finance, co-operation, etc. Some of the research topics are as follows:
i) Functional Study of Labour Co-operative Societies in Pune District.
ii) Study of Social and Economic Problems of Female Workers in Small Scale Industries in Pimpri-Chinchwad Area.
iii) Role of Pune Zilla Parishad in Human Resource Development with Special Reference to Purandar Tahsil.
iv) Socio-Economic Status of Scheduled Castes: A Comparative Study (With reference to Kolhapur District).
v) Economic Development in Sikkim – 1975 to 1995.
vi) Economics of Restrained Goat Farming in Maharashtra.
vii) Role of Co-operative Sugar Factories in Rural Development (With Special Reference to Pune District – 1980 to 2000).
viii) A Study of Strategic Planning in a Globalised Economic Context Among Selected Industries in Pune.
ix) A Study of Socio-Economic Risk Factors Identification and Analysis of Farmer’s Suicides: A Case of Maharashtra.
x) Economic Problems of Dam Affected Tribals – Reference Kukdi project in Pune District.

Academic Plan:  *
Course/Activity Month/Year Remarks
M.A, (Eco) July 2013 to April 2014 Teaching + Internal Assessment
M.Phil.(Eco) August 2013 to April 2014 Teaching + Internal Assessment
Ph.D. (Eco) August 2013 to January 2014 Teaching + Internal Assessment
M.Phil/Ph.D July 2013 to April 2014 Research Guidance for Thesis
Workshop Sept/Oct 2013 for M.Phil/Ph.D. students
M.A./M.Phil/Ph,D. Jan 2014 to April Paper Setting + Assessment
* Subject to change

Courses Highlights:
• The M.A. Course has been designed considering the Credit Based Continuation Evaluation.
• The students are being encouraged to explore applied economics through various activities
• The papers taught for M.A. Course includes all compulsory papers along with other choices. The paper titled ‘economics of environment’ explores the seriousness of the environmental degradation.
• The paper titled “Research Methods in Economics’ explores the research techniques and new research area in economics.
• For M.Phil. and Ph.D. Course, a special ‘Research Methodology’ syllabus has been designed, which encourage to get applied research methodology through various assignments.

Department Achievements. : (Click here for Department Achievements Gallery)

i) Teacher Fellowships for Ph.D. ( Awarded by University Grants Commission, New Delhi)
Sr. No. Name Title of Ph. D. Thesis Ph.D. Awarded Name of Guide
1 Mrs. Alka Zimare A Socio-Economic Study of WomenEntrepreneurs in Pune District 2006 Dr D C Talule
2 Mr.Vikas Pawar A Critical Evaluation of the growth of Banking Services in Pune District during the Period 1991 to 2002. (In Marathi) 2006 Dr. S R Dastane
3 Mrs. Madhu Satam An Analysis of the Role of Women in Financial Institutions with Special References to the Banking Sector in Pune 2007 Dr. D C Talule
4 Mr. M U Mulani The Role of Self Help Groups in the Socio-Economic Empowerment of Women with reference to Indapur and Baramati Talukas of Pune District. 2007 Dr. B D Kulkarni
5 Mr. Mohan Chaudhari A Critical Study of the Employment Guarantee Scheme in Maharashtra with reference to Pune District. (In Marathi) 2008 Dr. S R Dastane
6 Mrs. Meghana Bhosale An Analytical Study of the Economic and Social Problems of Domestic Servants in Pune City. 2013 Dr. S K Dhage
7 Mr.P H Kadam An Economic Study of Floriculture in Pune District. 2012 Dr. Praveen Jadhav

ii) Post-Doctoral Fellowship (Awarded by ICSSR, New Delhi)
Dr. Avinash Digambar Kulkarni has been awarded with Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship by Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi during Sept. 2013-Sept.2015. The Research topic- “A Study of Urban Cooperative Credit Societies in Western Suburban Area of Pune”
iii) Rajeev Gandhi National Fellowship for M. Phil. (Economics) (Awarded by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi.
a) Minakshi Konge (2009)
iv) Meghalaya Government Border Area Scholarship a) Tressland Mawkon (2013)
v) NET/SET Cleared Students:
a) Parameshwar Honrao
b) Parameshwar Kamble
c) Subhash Agale
d) Shridevi Khuba

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