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Program DetailsDuration : 4 months

Course Mode : Regular

Eligibility : S.S.C

Fee Structure
Tuition Laboratory/Practical Admission Exam Eligibility Library Total
7500 --- 500 -- 500 --- 8500

Program StructureMinimum Passing 40% in Each Head

Outline of ancient Indian literature: vedic,buddhist and joan literature, epics and puranas , story-literature
Vedic Mythology : Creation Myths: Concept of deities and ancestors, exploits of indra : ashvins: stories of indra- vritra vamana,shunahsepa, manu-matsya, Yama- nachiketas, battle of ten kings (Dasharajna)
buddhist and jani Mythology: basic concepts, Development of deities
Myths and legends in the Epics : Legends of unusual births, study of select upakhyanas
Puranic mythology: study of viashnava and shaiva deities, Creation and flood myths in the puranas, study of select Puranic myths and legends.

Note : Minimum 70 % attendance mandatory