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Diploma in Abhyanga Mardan(Massage)
Program Objectives

Introduction : (an art and technique of ayurvedic Massage)

It is a one-year Diploma course recognised by the state Government of maharashtra giving knowledge of technique of massage from ayurvedic point of view. it is very helpful for selfemployment as an ayurvedic massagist. vidyapeeth is conducting the course since 1993 and response to this course is very encouraging.

Program Benefits

* Unique course specially designed for self-employment.
* Preliminary information about different techniques of massage.
* Demonstrations of preparation of medicinal oil & ghee.
* Practical training of massage on healthy individuals & patients.
* ability to develop into a professional masseuver.

Program Details

Duration : 1 Year
Course Mode : Regular
Exam Pattern :

Two question papers of 100 marks each

Practical & viva voice exam for 100 marks.

40% marks necessary for passing each head.

Exam Mode : offline
Eligibility :

1. 12th pass (preference to science faculty)

Medium of Instructions/Paper Writing : Marathi / English / Hindi
Exam Schedule : 4th saturday & sunday in the month of april every Year.

Fees Structure

Tuition Admission Exam Eligibility Library Total
9600 1000 1000 200 200 12,000

Exit Point Opportunity

* This interdisciplinary course helps the students to start their own consultancy and therapy practice after successful internship completion.

* Helps students to establish themselves as professional consultants in hospitals, food sectors, private clinics etc or set up a nutrition Counseling cell.

Program Structure

Minium Passing Marks: 40% For Each Subject

Subject Code Subjects Theory Marks Practical Marks Total
336101 Ayurved Parichay ani Tatvadnyan, Doshdhatumala Vidnyan 100 --- 100
336102 A bhyangamardan, Dravyaguna, Aushadhividnyan 100 --- 100
336103 Practical Exam & Viva --- 100 100
Total 200 100 300


Paper S.No Syllabus covered in Paper I & II
Paper 1 1 Philosophy of Ayurveda
Paper 1 2 History of Abhyanga Mardana
Paper 1 3 Sharira & Manovidnyana
Paper 1 4 Doshadhatumala Vidnyana
Paper 2 5 vyayama
Paper 2 6 Abhyanga Maradana
Paper 2 7 Dravyguna & Aushadhi Nirmana